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Albert Mamriev

Rector of the High Academy of Music 

"Neue Sterne"

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Albert Mamriev ist aufgrund seines opulenten Klangempfindens, dem eine  
blendende Technik zur Seite steht, der ideale Interpret für die  
auslandenden Wagner Transkriptionen eines Franz Liszt.


Robert Nemecek - „Piano News“


Erstaunlich aber ist es, dass Mamriev nicht allein hochvirtuos spielt,  
sondern auch interpretiert. Hatte Liszt die Wagner’schen Sätze  
verändert, erweitert, paraphrasiert und über sie fantasiert, so führt  
uns Mamriev mit Hilfe Bearbeiters ins Herz der Musik, in der sie erst  
zu tönen beginnt.

Frank Piontek - „Nordbayrischer Kurier“, Bayreuth


Mamriev: technica infallibile… Sono state evocate ampiezze sonore,  
luminosita lacustri, accenni di danza, forti accenti, il tutto frutto  
di una scrittura efficace che e servita ad esaltare il pianismo  
qualificator di Albert Mamriev. Effetti accompagnati da una musicalita  
che ha Saputo sfruttare alternanze drammatiche, imperative, delicate,  
serene e talvolta spiritode.


Mario Petrucco – „Il Monferrato

Musical CV

Pianist, conductor, music producer Albert Mamriev was born in Dagestan and studied with his father – a famous musician – Yankel Mamriev, with Professor Alexander Bakulov and Professor Nikolai Kostylev at the Central Music School of  the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory , with Professor Sergei Dorensky in the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory as well as with Professor Arie Vardi at the S. Rubin  Academy of Music at the Tel Aviv University (B. Mus and M. Mus.) And at the Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media (solo class).


Albert Mamriev is prizewinner of many international piano competitions such as: "Gina Bachauer" in Salt Lake City, "UNISA" in Pretoria, "Vianna da Motta" in Lisboa, "Scottish International" in Glasgow, "China International" in Beijing and many others.


In 1992 for his concert activities and the performance of the music of Dagestanian composers, Albert Mamriev received a very important award – the Lenin Komsomol Prize.


In 1996 he also received a special award – concert grand piano from the President of Israel, Mr. Ezer Weizman.


Mamriev gives concerts worldwide at numerous renowned festivals such as:

the "Shanghai" International Festival (China),

the "Gina Bachauer" International Festival (USA),

the "Hong Kong" International Festival, (Hong Kong)

the "Jerusalem" International Music Festival (Israel),

the "Kotor-Art" Festival (Montenegro),

the "Malta" International Festival, (Malta)

the "Piano Stars of the 21st Century" Festival (Russia),

the "Ludwigsburg Castle Festival" (Germany),

the "Pianotune" Festival (Belgium),

the "Franz Liszt" Festival (Italy),

the "Wernigeröder Schlossfestepielen" (Germany),

the "Roccabrivio" Festival (Italy),

the "Ailon Baltic" Festival (Estonia),

the "IKFEM" Festival (Portugal)
the "Madeira" International Piano Festival (Portugal)


and repeatedly gives piano recitals and Masterclasses in many music centers around the world, including Almeria, Augsburg, Beijing, Berlin, Braunschweig, Brussels, Cleveland, Dallas, Düsseldorf, Glasgow, Granada, Hamburg, Hanover, Jerusalem, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Milano, Moscow, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Reykjavick, Salt Lake City, Seoul, Stuttgart, Taipei, Taijuan, Tallin, Tel Aviv, Toluca, Venice and many others.



Mr. Mamriev has been a jury member at over 50 international piano competitions, including:


"UNISA" (South Africa), "Ettore Pozzoli" (Italy), "Parnassos" (Mexico), "A. Scriabin "(Italy)," Lyon "(France)," Cantu "(Italy)," Mozarte - Aachen "(Germany)," F. Chopin "(Hungary)," Cesar Franck "(Belgium)," Young Virtuosos "(Czech Republic)," Robert Schumann "(Italy)," Spanish Composers "(Spain)," Campillos "(Spain)," Arcangelo Speranza "( Italy), "Valesesia Musica" (Italy), "Maurice Clairmont" (Israel), "Isodor Bajic" (Serbia), "Young Talents with Orchestra" (Italy), "Euregio" (Germany), "Holland International Piano Competition" in Haague, "Golden Key" (Russia), "Piano Talents" (Italy), "Delia Steinberg" (Spain), "MIPF" (Malta), "Astana Music Competition" (Kazakhstan) and many others.


His students have won many international piano competitions such as:

Anna Leyerer – “F. Liszt Center” IPC - 2021, 1st Prize, Spain

Evegeny Konnov - “UNISA” IPC - 2020, 1st prize, South Africa

Viktorija Bake – “Amigdala” IPC - 2019, 1st prize, Italy (young group)

Evgeny Konnov – “E. Pozzoli” IPC - 2019, 1st Prize, Italy

Lezanti van Sittert - “UNISA” NPC- 2019, 2nd prize, South Africa

Viktorija Bake - “Hannover-Beethoven” IPC - 2019, 1st Prize, Germany

Evgeny Konnov – “A. Scriabin” IPC - 2019, 1st Prize, Italy

Anna Leyerer – “Paris” IPC - 2019, 1st Prize, France

Evgeny Konnov -  “Russian Music” IPC - 2019, 2nd Prize, Russia-Ryazan

Anna Leyerer – “Kyiv” IPC - 2019, 1st Prize, Ukraine

Shogher Hoveyan – “Hanover-Beethoven” IPC - 2018, 1st Prize, Germany

Igor Andreev -  “Rina Sala Gallo” IPC - 2018, 1st prize, Italy

Evgeny Konnov - “Maria Canals” IPC - 2018, 1st Prize, Spain

Anna Leyerer - “Parnassos” IPC - 2018, 1st Prize, Mexico

Evgeny Konnov - “Cantu” IPC - 2018, 1st prize, Italy

Viktorija Bake – “Young Piano Stars” IPC - 2017, 1st Prize, Germany

Evgeny Konnov -  “Malta” IPC - 2017, 1st prize, Malta

Lezanti van Sittert – “Young Piano Stars” IPC - 2017, 2nd Prize, Germany

Igor Andreev -  “Gdansk-Baltic States” IPC - 2017, 1st prize, Poland

Evgeny Konnov – “Spanish Composers” IPC - 2017, 1st Prize, Spain

Pavel Kachnov -  “Lyon” IPC - 2017, 1st prize, France



The complete recording of Wagner's - Liszt transcriptions, and the world premiere of Ami Maayani Piano Concerto with Beijing Symphony Orchestra grows out of Albert Mamriev's fascination for stylistic richness and the diversity of piano music, which was written between the periods of late Romanticism and the avant-garde, and his delight in the poses technical and interpretational challenges posed by this music.


Albert Mamriev is also a successful music producer. Under his direction, the “Neue Sterne” label released several wonderful CD recordings by very talented young musicians, including Alexey Chernov, Yuri Bogdanov, Romeo Zucci, Michael Bulychev-Okser, Grace Rhee, Andrei Stukalov, Elena Tarasova.


Albert Mamriev is also present on radio and television. Recordings of his concerts were made all over Europe, the USA, Mexico, Australia and Asia. He also gave several radio and TV interviews and interviews for music magazines, most recently including “Piano News”, “Piano Forum”, “Piano Wereld”.


Mr. Mamriev is the guest of honor at Classic Radio Orpheus in Moscow. In 2018 he was invited to a series of interviews on the program of legendary music journalist Joseph Tavor for 3 hours of live interviews and performances.


In 2021, Mr. Mamriev recorded a new CD album with compositions by Liszt, Brahms and Alkan. This recording was made in the Beethoven-Halle in Hanover under the direction of the world-famous record producer and Grammy winner Christopher Alder. You can find the recording on Spotify or directly on the artist homepage:



Albert Mamriev is the founder and artistic director of the international piano competition “Neue Sterne” in Wernigerode www.neue-sterne-wernigerode

and the international competition “Young Piano Stars” in Königs Wusterhausen


He is also the artistic director of the international music festival “Menorah” in Duisburg, the music festival “Jewish composers with a German background” in Hanover, the international piano and orchestra festival “Klavierissimo” in Wernigerode, the concert series “Junge Klaviersterne” in Brandenburg and the international piano competition the Neue Sterne Musikakdemie Hannover “Hannover-Beethoven”


Mr. Mamriev has been managing the online music platform since December 2020

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