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Ksenia Ehrbar

Music & Art History

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Musical CV

Professional musician, pianist in the fourth generation, teacher with great experience, musicologist. The author of a unique author's program of the History of Music and Art for children.

I was born in a family of musicians. My knowledge of languages German, Russian and English are excellent. I have a great experience of teaching music to Primary School students and to older children. As I consider lifelong learning important for future success, I took many teaching and performing master classes with internationally well known, legendary pianists and leading lecturers in order to achieve the highest possible standards.


With my mother, also a professional musician, I developed our own author's program of the "History of Music and Art for children". 

This unique program provides an opportunity to broaden the horizons of children, to deepen their knowledge in the field of music and art, and to find the connection between different types of art. This program gives the opportunity to children to get acquainted with composers and their compositions, learn the history of musical instruments and their creators, and see the masterpieces of artists and sculptors of various eras.


During many years of teaching I have been known for my inspiring and creative method of teaching. I am sure that my method of teaching gives children self-confidence, develops their cognitive skills, inspiration and creative abilities, which promote their emotional intelligence and understanding for music and art. 

I have developed strong abilities in critical thinking and experience of teaching bilingual students, which enable me to pass on these qualities to learners.

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