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Shogher Hoveyan



Musical CV

Pianist Shogher  Hoveyan was born  1991 in Yerevan, Armenia and grew up
in the family of artists. Already at the age of five, she learned to play the piano and gave her first solo
performance at six years old.

Since 1997, Shogher's professional career as a Concert Pianist began.
She played numerous concerts in the whole world.
She participated in the many international Competitions and festivals, received support from  the international foundations
directed at the talented emerging artists.

Since 2006 she has performed in numerous concerts with such orchestras like Armenian Philharmonic
Orchestra, SYOA, Philharmonic Chamber-Orchestra Wernigerode and etc. 

From 1998-2008 went to the special music school after P.I. Tchaikovsky. (Yerevan, Armenia)
From 2008-2012 made her bachelor degree at the
Yerevan State Conservatory (Armenia) ;(Class of professor  Igor Yavryan).
From 2012-2014 made her master degree at the Yerevan State Conservatory  (Armenia); (Class of professor Armen Babakhanian ).
From 2014-2017 made  “Postgraduate piano studies” at the Yerevan State Conservatory (Armenia); (Class of professor Armen Babakhanian).

From 2017 to today studying “Postgraduate piano studies” in the Germany at the   “Music Academy             Neue Sterne Hannover ‘’  ( class of  professor Albert Mamriev).

 From an early age took many master- classes from famous pianists - Boris Berezovski,
Svetlana Navasardyan, Ksenia Bashmet, Vladimir Ovchinnikov ,
Zhe Tang, Ilja Scheps.
Vardan Mamikonyan, Roland Krüger, Walter Delahunt, Ewa Kupiec,   Douglas Humpherys.

Since 2001 had a membership with many supporting foundations for the young talented musicians. Also member of the special program "New names". (, “Vladimir Spivakov International charity Foundation” , “Vladimir Krainev Piano Foundation” .
Since 2013 collaborated with “German- Armenian Music Society” ( ).

In 2001-got a  prize in "Armenian Legacy’’ international piano competition ( Yerevan, Armenia).
In 2005-got a prize in "Young pianists" republican competition after Georgi Saradjian (Yerevan, Armenia).
In 2005-got a prize in "Delphic Games" international competition (Kiev, Ukraine).
In 2010-got a prize in "Delphic Games" international competition (Yerevan, Armenia). 
In 2015-became a ‘’ Gold Medalist of President Youth Prize 2014” as a “ Best young Musician “in Armenia.
In 2017-got a Grand Prize (3th prize) in “Concours international de Piano de Lyon” (Lyon,France).
In 2018-got a 1-st Prize in “Hannover-Beethoven International Music Festival and Competition” (Hannover,Germany).
2019-got a 2-th Prize in “4st Young Piano Stars international piano competition” (Königs Wusterhausen ,Germany).
In 2022 –got a 1-st Prize in “Paris International Piano Competition” (IMF) (Paris, France).
Since 2018 cooperating with the ‘’Association Frederic Chopin Lyon’’ (Lyon, France) ( .

In August 2020 Shogher released her first CD album ‘’Eisregen-Ice Rain’’ in Germany, Hannover ( .

She performed  new music created by the  German composer Jens Wiltfang
( , also in that period 5 Video clips were filmed for these musical album and was printed notation booklet for the whole pieces of the musical album.
Shogher  is one of the musical editors of notation  booklet “Eisregen-Ice Rain”.

Despite her busy life as a solo pianist, Shogher performs with various chamber ensembles and is engaged in pedagogy.
Since 2016 she has been teaching piano as a major at various music schools and since 2020 she has specialized as an online piano teacher in Germany.

In April 2021 she received  “Curator’s prize” from Carl-Bechstein scholarship. (Berlin, Germany).
( ).

In July 2021 and also 2022  she received a scholarship from the American AGBU program in the performing arts category. (U.S.A) ( ).


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