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Уроки игры на пианино

Summer course

Summer course for Kids

Welcome music lessons for children between 5 and 8 years old. 

Two possibilities to start the course:
1) 8.07.24 - 26.07.24
2) 12.08.24 - 30.08.24

Program of the course:

1) 3 individual lessons to become familiar with a musical instrument: piano, violin, cello or vocal.
It would be possible to take 3 different lessons to understand which musical instrument is the most interesting to your child or to take 3 lessons on just one instrument.

2) 3 music lessons in a group with a music teacher
The first meeting  with music. Children make their first steps in listening to music, learn what music consists of, listen to music with a teacher and share their feelings and impressions.

3) 2 excursions and a musical concert
2 excursions to museum of music (Musical instruments - Weltmuseum/ Mozart Museum)
1 concert with a music teacher
*Important  - Tickets to the are not included to the program.
Parents may take part in excursions, concert and individual lessons

Russian, German

Cost of the program:

285 EUR pro child 


Summer course

Application for Summer course

Thank you. We will contact you as soon as possible
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